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We are proud of the important role we play in providing our customers with timely products and services.

At Simex Defence, we’re committed to building strong relationships with our customers, our partners and our team. As the supplier and partner of choice, we strive to be the best in the business. Our track record and excellent reputation are testament to our ability to meet the procurement needs of Canada’s defense and aerospace industries. Count on us to provide you with products and services of the highest quality.

We serve:
  • Canadian Armed Forces
  • Government departments
  • Coast Guard
  • NATO
  • Main OEMs
  • Commercial


Harnessing cutting-edge technology and strategic partnerships, we excel in delivering innovative aerospace solutions tailored to optimize performance, safety, and efficiency in aviation operations.

With over three decades of unwavering commitment, Simex Defence stands as an established supplier to the Royal Canadian Air Force as well as to a myriad of commercial giants, fostering a legacy of excellence in aerospace provision. Specializing in parts and services for an extensive array of platforms, from the formidable CF-18 and versatile C-130 to the sophisticated CP-140, P-3 Chinook, and resilient Buffalo, we have consistently delivered paramount solutions. Our repository of technical drawings empowers us to manufacture bespoke aerospace components, coupled with meticulous documentation.

  • Ground Support Equipment
  • Tooling and testing Equipment
  • Batteries & Power
  • Air filtrarion
  • Communication Equipment
  • Fiberoptics
  • Airplane Repair Platforms and Ladders
  • Various Parts
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With a strong track record in communication solutions and spare parts provision, we specialize in optimizing land sector operations with tailored solutions for seamless connectivity and performance.

Through our commitment to enhancing the operational efficiency of the Canadian military, Simex Defence supplies essential parts and services for armored vehicles, communication systems and field operations.  Whether it's run-flat solutions for LAV / TLAV or spare parts for MLVW / HLVW, Simex Defence is dedicated to supporting the intricate needs of our armed forces. We also provide exclusive communication solutions, including military headsets, tactical antennas, and a variety of equipment to secure communication infrastructure. From precision-engineered components to procurement services, we are making a lasting impact on the broader defense industry.


  • Tactical headsets, radios and communication equipment
  • Antennas and Masts
  • Power Supplies and Batteries
  • Mission Systems
  • Tiles Run flat and spare parts
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With expertise in NSNs sourcing, technology integration, and strategic partnerships, we deliver comprehensive solutions tailored to optimize naval operations and bolster maritime security.

In response to the escalating focus on marine projects for territorial control, both in Canada and globally, bolstering naval capacity becomes a critical imperative. As a Canadian-based company, Simex actively contributes to this endeavor by supporting local maintenance and production for Royal Canadian Navy vessels across diverse projects. Our expertise extends to the intricate needs of the Victoria Class Submarines, providing not only complex and obsolete parts and equipment but also catering to life extension programs for older vessels. As we are increasing our presence within the National Shipbuilding Strategy network, Simex stands ready to offer competitive pricing for a range of parts and equipment, coupled with services tailored to meet our clients' needs, including manufacturing based on Mil-spec drawings.

  • Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers
  • Antennas
  • Cables & Connectors
  • Secure Communications Systems
  • GPS systems
  • Motors & Starters
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Power & Energy
We deliver cutting-edge power and energy solutions, bolstering the energy sector with innovative technologies.

Simex stands as a recognized expert in the realm of Power & Energy through strategic partnerships with leading British manufacturers like Therco-Serck. Our collaboration brings forth cutting-edge heat exchangers, designed with a focus on holistic principles. As the exclusive Canadian distributor for global industry leaders, Simex ensures the availability of reliable, high-quality solutions tailored to marine, power generation, petrochemical, and oil & gas sectors. Among our distinguished partners, SMI offers precision-engineered Cabling Solutions for Renewable Energy systems. Simex, as a trusted industry expert, provides access to a comprehensive range of dependable, high-performance products, meticulously engineered to surpass both military and industry specifications.

  • Batteries & Chargers
  • Heat Transfer & Exchange
  • Marine Cooling Products
  • Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers
  • Connectrors and Cables
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Military Technology
We continuously advance the Canadian defense market with innovative solutions and next-generation military technology.

NDS, a joint venture between Next Dynamics, Inc. and Simex Defense Inc., integrates groundbreaking ammunition technology with Simex’s defense industry connections. Our patented Advanced Small Arms Projectile (A.S.A.P.®) munitions, born from this partnership, offer versatile solutions for ground forces in small and medium NATO calibers.

  • Nemesis A.S.A.P.
  • Star Chaser Ammunition
  • Apache Hybrid Power Drone
  • Precision Guided Mortar Munition
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