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Nov 11, 2013

Simex Defence Inc. was awarded a multi-year contract to supply the Department of National Defence with 70 different spare parts used on the LPH-89J Antenna. The contract is worth $600,000.00 for the first fiscal year of 2013-2014, with the same value for the following 2014-2015 fiscal year.
The LPH-89J Antenna provides excellent reliability in medium to long range HF circuits. The rotatable antenna allows high-power communications between a fixed station and mobile station, such as ships, aircraft, or tactical deployments.
The LPH-89 (Military Type AS-3482/GRC) is a heavy duty, 4-30 MHz rotatable log periodic antenna produced to U.S. Air Force and Navy standards. It has a unique six-way guying that gives the twin towers added rigidity in hurricane-force winds. A base-mounted balun matches the 200 ohm antenna to the customer’s 3-1/8 inch, 50 ohm input. The alumoweld strand radiating array is completely factory pre-assembled with well-rounded swagged fittings enhancing reliability and high power capability. The top-mounted rotator can seek at 0.4 rpm any selected azimuth allowing for rapid acquisition of a mobile communications target. The three support booms are constructed of 6061-T6 aluminium for high strength, low weight, and good corrosion resistance.

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