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Experts in military procurement and supply chain, adept at solving any challenge.

Sam Mouallem Sam Mouallem
Sam Mouallem

Sam Mouallem founded Simex Defense Inc. and has led it for 30 years. He’s built its vision, mission, and direction, growing it from a small company to a top defense contractor. Under his leadership, Simex has gained a stellar reputation, strong finances, and exclusive agreements with major defense contractors.

Carl Yazigi Carl Yazigi
Carl Yazigi
Sales Director

Carl has 25 years of experience in military procurement and bidding on projects for Canadian National Defence, U.S. Forces, and NATO. He also manages the supply chain for major Aerospace, Navy, and defense projects from OEMs and manufacturers.

Ted Dagher Ted Dagher
Ted Dagher
Sales Director

Ted has 16 years of experience in procurement and bidding, focusing on land vehicles, marine, navy, and tooling projects. He also manages manufacturing projects, overseeing design and production processes based on military drawings.

Steve Mouallem Steve Mouallem
Steve Mouallem
Operations Director

Steve has 29 years of experience in operations and logistics. He oversees warehouse staff and ensures all packaging, warehousing, shipping, and logistics processes comply with ISO standards at Simex. His team conducts quality inspections and provides customized packaging and shipping solutions to meet client needs.

Joe Dagher Joe Dagher
Joe Dagher
Finance Director

Joe leads our finance department, ensuring financial stability and compliance. With 4 years at Simex and a BComm. in accounting from Concordia University, he oversees stewardship and mitigates financial risks, as well as security and compliance matters.

Serhii Malchenko Serhii Malchenko
Serhii Malchenko
Business Development Associate

Serhii Malchenko is a BDA at Simex Defence, responsible for business development, marketing, and managing relationships with clients and vendors. With a background in Business Administration from Poland and Germany, Serhii brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his role. His fluency in five languages and his dedication to supporting and developing customer and partner relationships are pivotal to the ongoing growth and success of Simex Defence.

Jad Tabet Jad Tabet
Jad Tabet
Junior Buyer

With over 2 years at Simex, Jad’s focus is on the Canadian Federal and Provincial Governments’ needs throughout numerous industries. Jad manages the projects end-to-end, from the sourcing and realizing fully comprehensive proposals, to overseeing their completion.

Nora Saad Nora Saad
Nora Saad
Purchasing and After Sales Contracts Manager

With 20 years of experience at Simex, Nora spearheaded the contractual procurement and purchasing processes for all government and commercial contracts for the military and the Ministry of Defence. Her expertise and strategic vision have been instrumental in securing and managing high-value contracts, making her an indispensable asset to the company’s operations and growth.

Carmen Kanaan Carmen Kanaan
Carmen Kanaan
Customer Care Manager

Carmen oversees contract coordination and post-sales customer and supplier care, managing the entire supply chain process. With over 30 years in customer service, she directly addresses issues, ensures timely delivery, and communicates any discrepancies or delays to customers and suppliers.

Diana Pakhomova Diana Pakhomova
Diana Pakhomova
Quality Assurance Specialist

Diana Pakhomova, our recent addition to Simex Defence, serves as our Quality Assurance Specialist. Diana ensures that our products meet the highest standards of quality and reliability, contributing to our continued success in the defense industry.

Nadejda Calaras Nadejda Calaras
Nadejda Calaras
Assistant Buyer

Nadejda in our sales department connects suppliers and customers. She handles government bids and contracts, ensuring they’re complete and on time. Nadejda comes to Simex with over 10 years experience in supply chain and procurement within several industries.

Leila Dagher Leila Dagher
Leila Dagher
Assistant Buyer

Leila Dagher is an Assistant Buyer at Simex Defence, playing a crucial role in procurement management. With a strong background in procurement and bidding, Leila brings significant expertise to her position. Her commitment to streamlining purchasing operations and enhancing supply chain efficiency are vital to the operational excellence of Simex Defence.

Tanya Shandal Tanya Shandal
Tanya Shandal
Supply Chain Operator

Tanya plays a pivotal role within our logistics, operations, and QA team. Her responsibilities encompass meticulously ensuring that all documentation and processes adhere strictly to our ISO standards while consistently meeting or exceeding the expectations of our esteemed clientele.

Iris Mak Iris Mak
Iris Mak
Accounting Manager

Iris has been an integral part of Simex for over 15 years, diligently managing all accounting processes and procedures. Her dedicated efforts are central to upholding the company’s fiscal responsibilities. As the point person for accounting, Iris ensures that suppliers are paid promptly, invoices are processed efficiently, and any accounting issues are swiftly resolved.

Chris Dobozy Chris Dobozy
Chris Dobozy
Warehouse Manager and Quality Inspector

Chris Dobozy is the Warehouse Manager and Quality Inspector at Simex Defence, where he plays a pivotal role in ensuring the highest standards of inventory management and product quality.With a wealth of experience in logistics and quality control, Chris ensures the seamless coordination and optimization of inventory processes. His leadership  is crucial in maintaining the efficiency and reliability of our supply chain.

Yuka Nakamura Yuka Nakamura
Yuka Nakamura
Warehouse Worker

Yuka Nakamura is a Warehouse Worker at Simex Defence, actively engaged in supply chain management. With extensive experience in logistics and supply chain operations, Yuka contributes significant expertise to her roles. Her keen attention to detail and commitment to enhancing both warehouse efficiency and supply chain procedures are vital to the overall effectiveness  of the company.

Yuliia Malchenko Yuliia Malchenko
Yuliia Malchenko
Warehouse Associate

Yuliia Malchenko is a Warehouse Associate at Simex Defence, responsible for managing inventory, logistics, and ensuring efficient warehouse operations. Her meticulous attention to detail and dedication to optimizing warehouse processes are crucial to the smooth operation of the enterprise.

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