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Simex Awarded $4.5M Contract for High Performance Communication Equipment

Oct 29, 2014

The Canadian Armed Forces continue to rely on Simex to provide the high performance communication equipment they need in the field.

Simex was awarded a $4.5M contract to supply the Department of National Defense with personal communication equipment, with an option of up to $2M to be exercised within the coming 2 years. The contract covers multiple items including Racal headsets and cables.

The Racal RA108 Slimgard Headset continues to be a staple for the Armed Forces because of its high performance and reliability. The RA108 headset is designed for high noise environments, and features active noise reduction (ANR) technology which is implemented as modules in each earshell. The RA108 is compatible with all PASGT-style helmets found across the world, as well as as wide variety of other weapons and equipment. The Headsets are designed for greater mobility and comfort. They remain stable on the head when moving over rough terrain due to their neckband and over-helmet strap designs, and patented cushion technology helps reduce soldier fatigue. The RA108 also enables face-to-face communications through a battery powered electronic talk-through which uses microphones mounted on the outside of each earshell.

Simex is proud to be partnering once again with Racal Acoustics and Esterline to supply our troops with products that are technologically advanced and which contribute to the health and safety of the soldiers using them.

Racal Acoustics is a company within the Esterline Control & Communication Systems platform.

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