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Simex Awarded $500K Contract for Battery Chargers

Jan 4, 2018

Simex was awarded a contract worth over 500 thousand dollars to supply the Department of National Defence with 65 Battery Chargers/Power Supplies and related cable assemblies.

The battery charger/power supply has several unique features. It is a compact unit in weight and size and can function as a stand alone or mounted on a 19″ rack. It is designed to withstand extreme environmental conditions, including extreme temperatures, shock, altitude, vibration, and encapsulation.

It can be used on vehicles and shelters, and features active load sharing, battery temperature compensated charging, and alarm relay outputs. The input current is power factor corrected and designed for optimum utilization of weak power sources. The battery charger/power supply also features an RS-485 bus which can be used for control, monitoring, and setup.

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