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Simex awarded $750K contract for Ship equipment

Apr 3, 2017

Simex was awarded a 750 thousand dollar contract to supply the Royal Canadian Navy with marine and ship equipment.

The equipment is manufactured by H. Henriksen AS of Norway and includes 10 meter wire ladders, telescopic poles, and grappling hooks.

The wire ladders are strong, light-weight, and compact in size. They are made with 1/8 inch wire rope and the rungs are made from black anodized corrosion resistant 6082 T6 aluminum. They are often used in combination with the telescopic poles which consist of multiple carbon fiber segments which fit into each other. The grappling hooks are made of carbon fiber and have a minimum breaking load of 2204 lbs. They are used in conjunction with the telescopic poles, but are also compatible with ladders and other equipment.

Simex is partnering with Atlas Devices, LLC of Boston, MA to deliver this contract.

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