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Simex Awarded a Multi-Year Contract for Combat ANR Headsets

Jul 10, 2014

Simex Defence was awarded a 3 year contract to supply the Canadian Department of National Defense with 3,000 Racal Acoustics Combat Active Noise Reduction (ANR) Headsets. The contract covers both variations of the headsets, RA195/1037 and RA195/1038, and will be delivered over a period of 3 years, beginning in 2014.

The main features of the ANR Headset are the Active Noise Reduction (ANR), the Boom Microphone, a Voice Operated Switch (VOS), and a “Talk Through Circuit” (TTC). These unique features offer soldiers several benefits.

The ANR Headset reduces AFV noise at the ear and improves operational effectiveness. It also improves speech intelligibility, protects users from hearing damage, and reduces noise-induced fatigue.
The ANR feature of the headsets cancels more than 97% of the low frequency noise, while at the same time detecting speech signals and processing them electronically, so they are not affected by the cancellation. The Boom Microphone provides discrimination between close speech and high levels of ambient noise, while the VOS feature can be activated by the user when needed, providing a hands-free communications facility and minimizing crew noise exposure. The new Racal TTC feature enhances situational awareness by detecting localised sounds or speech and then regenerating them binaurally to retain directionality. The headsets are fitted with newly designed ear cushions which reduce noise-induced fatigue, and as most of the other features, they are retrofitable during routine maintenance.

The Canadian Armed Forces have been relying on Racal Headsets for many years because of their proven quality and reliability. Simex is proud to be partnering once again with Racal Acoustics and Esterline to supply our troops with a product that is technologically advanced and improves the health and safety of the soldiers using it.

Racal Acoustics is a company within the Esterline Control & Communication Systems platform.

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