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Simex Enters into New Partnership with Therco-Serck Ltd.

Mar 27, 2019

Simex Defence Inc is pleased to announce our new partnership with Therco-Serck Ltd.

Therco-Serck produces like for like replacement coolers, tubestacks, spares and sealing kits for the full range of Serck oil, water and air-cooling equipment, and thanks to easy traceability through serial, part or NATO stock number.

The company also combines holistic design activity with cutting edge manufacturing techniques to deliver world class heat exchangers to the marine, power generation, petrochemical, and oil & gas markets.

Based in the UK and with an over a century long history, Therco-Serck’s experience, high integrity, and quality products set it apart as a market leader in the industry.

Simex Defence has over 25 years of experience providing defence-related procurement and distribution services in aerospace, land and marine applications, we have grown to become a major distributor of military parts with the largest database of suppliers and partners.

We are proud to be joining Therco-Serck’s global network, helping develop and grow stronger relationships in the Canadian market. With this new partnership, we are committed to continue delivering quality and value to all your procurement needs.

We invite you visit our websites for more information on our companies and products, using the following links: Simex / Therco-Serck. Furthermore, you can address any questions or inquiries to the below email address or phone number and we will be happy to help you.

We also hope to see you at the upcoming CANSEC trade show (May 29-30, Booth 910) to discuss more about new opportunities.

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