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Simex Signs Agency Agreement with Comrod

Sep 5, 2013

Simex Defence Inc. has signed an agency agreement with Comrod Commnunications Group to be its authorized agent in Canada for Whip Antennas and associated accessories and services.

Comrod designs and manufactures military antennas, marine antennas, telescopic & sectional masts, power supplies, battery chargers and specialist composite products. The Group also supplies antennas and antenna systems for commercial marine, as well as composite industrial products for the offshore and defence industry.

Comrod has collaborated extensively with end users around the globe in the development of HF, VHF and UHF military antennas for defence applications. The result is a product line of sturdy broadband military antennas for tactical applications, consisting of handheld, man-pack, vehicle, base station and shipboard antennas. The line includes combined antennas for VHF/GPS, VHF/DECT, VHF/W-LAN, UHF/GPS, UHF/DECT and UHF/W-LAN. All antennas have been through full military testing for different programms around the globe.

Comrod also manufactures passive and active military antenna combining systems for both vehicle and shipboard installations. The systems are primarily designed to reduce the number of antennas on a single installation. This allows the simultaneous use of several radios to one transmit antenna, or to individual directional antennas. A receiver distribution amplifier is included to allow simultaneous reception on all receivers.

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