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Simex Sole Distributor of Mason, Korry, and BVR in Canada

Oct 1, 2015

Simex has signed a distributorship agreement with Esterline Control & Communications Systems to be their sole distributor in Canada for their Mason, Korry, and BVR brands.

Mason Controls

The Mason brand offers world-class control devices and subsystems — such as flight controls, cursor controllers, and HaWC unmanned system controllers — all designed for today’s advanced cockpits, military vehicles, and other specialized applications.

Mason distinguishes itself on thoroughly engineered designs, integrating human factors, embedded software, and environmental ruggedness.

Korry HMI Solutions

Korry Human Machine Interface (HMI) provides state-of-the-art switches, cockpit controls, high-performance displays, and night-vision filters.

Korry has been a trusted name in HMI solutions for 75 years. They continue this tradition by integrating expertise in optics, electronics and software, mechanical packaging, mechanism design, and human factors.

BVR Solutions for Motion Control and Data Concentration

The BVR product line, offers an array of high-precision, high-reliability motion and position-control solutions for aircraft and other specialized applications. These range from gearboxes and linear transmissions to actuators and servos with motors, sensors, and digital controllers.

BVR are also experts in data collection, concentration, and routing, which allows them to address and integrate both the mechanical and data-related issues of control systems integration.

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