These are some of our most frequently quoted brands. If you don't see the brand you are looking for here, reach out to our team and we can very likely get it for you.



ATEQ is the leading manufacturer of pitot/static test adapters and automated test boxes for all types of aircraft. ATEQ's pitot/static test tools work with military, corporate and commercial aircraft, as well as a wide variety of rotorcraft. ATEQ's adapters are made from high-grade aircraft aluminum, providing against wear from repeated use. ATEQ's line of test boxes extends from a manual, 2-channel type, to a multi-channel/AoA tester as well as a variety of bench-style offerings. The ADSE 650 is the most compact, powerful and cost-effective box on the market today.

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Communications & Security Navy and Marine

Calko and Simex have partnered together to manufacture specialized textiles and materials for the Military, marine and defense sector.

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INVISIO is a global market leader within advanced communication and hearing protection systems. The company develops and sells advanced systems that enable professionals in noisy and mission critical environments to communicate and work effectively, while protecting their hearing.

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Navy and Marine

Since 1989, Life Saving Systems have designed and manufactured the equipment helicopter and maritime rescue teams use to save lives in some of the harshest environments imaginable. From rescue hooks to personnel harnesses, titanium ladders to rescue litters, from the strobe lights that the lost use to signal for help to the rescue strops that pull them to safety, they make the gear rescuers need to do their jobs and to do them as safely as possible. Lifesaving Systems has been an innovator and leader in the world of maritime rescue and survival equipment. Their auto-locking D-Lok rescue hook has been installed on thousands of helicopters, and their inflatable life vests are being worn by tens of thousands of military boat crews and aviators around the world.

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Ammunition & Military Technology Antennas Navy and Marine

Next Dynamics' patented Advanced Small Arms Projectile (A.S.A.P.®) munitions cover the full spectrum of ground force applications across small and medium NATO calibers and weapons platforms. Next Dynamics currently holds unique technologies ranging from armaments, ballistics and firing platforms.

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Water Filtration

Simex and Otterpack have partnered to bring the latest innovation in water purification to North America. Otterpack is the first hybrid, easily portable water purification system based on Reverse Osmosis

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Aerospace Communications & Security

The FiberPlex and Patton Electronics brands are global leaders in secure digital communications and a key component of mission-critical equipment. FiberPlex safeguards the transmissions of the most critical and sensitive information – no matter where it goes.

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Part of INVISIO Group.

Providing Situational Awareness Hearing Protection and Communication Solutions. Racal Acoustics solutions include headsets for Land, Sea and Air environments; for use in military, paramilitary, first responder, aviation and industrial markets.

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Navy and Marine

Varivane has over 50 years of history and unparalleled experience in the design and manufacture of marine furniture, and have developed a world-class reputation for quality standards and the wide variety of services that they offer.

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For more than 120 years, Ward Leonard have provided industry-leading electric motor, generator, control, and service solutions for critical Naval applications worldwide.

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