February 21, 2022

UK based THERCO-SERCK™ produces like for like replacement coolers, tubestacks and service kits for the full range of SERCK oil, water and air cooling equipment. Applications throughout the Canadian Navy fleet include coolers for lube oil, hydraulic oil, fuel oil, battery fluid, charge air, fresh water, valve cage water, jacket water, sample water, drains, compressors, vent air and alternators to name but a few.

Using its archive of over 500,000 drawings dating back to the 1940’s, THERCO-SERCK™ can trace these coolers from serial, part or NATO stock number data only, without any need for invasive on board surveys. This level of remote traceability also helps facilitate a responsive, worldwide OEM repair and overhaul service, coordinated from a central location in Sheffield at the heart of the UK’s high quality manufacturing industry.