September 2022: Product of the Month

September 15, 2022

The Central Nervous System for Critical Infrastructure

SMI designs and manufactures ‘fit and forget’ cable systems that form the central nervous system of platforms operating in hostile environments, including naval ships, submarines, aircraft, offshore power generation and transport.

A combat, sonar or propulsion system is only as good as the infrastructure connecting it. Cabling, penetrators and connectors all have to be robust, reliable and effective for systems to deliver their design promise.

As military capabilities develop, demand grows for increased data rates and higher bandwidth. The TelemetriX™ architecture brings together power, control, high frequency, and optical capabilities to optimise system performance and safeguard essential systems. Surface and submarine fleets integrating TelemetriX™ into their technology can expect long service lives with full operational reliability. TelemetriX™ was developed for future naval capabilities but is being retrofitted to platforms to enable early deployment of pioneering tactical technologies and to ensure reliability.

TelemetriX™ is designed and manufactured to merge external features of Def-Stan 02-524 Part 2 with MIL-C24231 submarine penetrator features. Designs utilise internal componentry extensively qualified in accordance with Def-Stan 08-171 and PTS 14299 including UNDEX testing. Outboard connectivity fully interfaces with sonar supplier hardware to ensure ‘fit & forget’ system reliability.